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“Transforming leading-edge technologies into real solutions for real people.”

Most of us lead active lifestyles, no matter how old we are, and want to enjoy our activities without physical restrictions or pain.  In our busy lives we rarely relfect on how broadly everday life, past and current injuries are impacting our ability to live an active life at our maximum potential.  Active lifestyles and physical injuries also generate pain which impact our ability to focus, relax and enjoy our daily activities with family and friends.  Many of us, unknowingly, live with physical restrictions and pain, to the extent that we accept them as a normal part of our life.  In many cases we simply take a pill to mask the pain.

At Brooks Center we do not accept the premise that pain and physical limitations are an inevitable part of life.  Today’s vast level of human knowledge and new innovative technologies offer unsurpassed opportunities for medical researchers to develop new and innovative technologies to improve our daily lives.

Our patients have reported the following benefits from within the first two treatments of using our Neurovascular Restructuring program:

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved mobility including neck, wrist, shoulder, arms, back, knee, legs
  • Improved mental focus
  • Calmer more relaxed attitude
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better sleep patterns

ron-brooks-003Ron Brooks P.T. – Founder and President
Ron Brooks has been in clinical practice for 30 years.  His early experience was heading Physical Therapy departments in large teaching hospitals, as chief of service.  This opportunity came very early in his career and was unprecedented at the time.  His early experience provded him with the tools to enter private practice founding the Brook’s Center in the Thousand Oaks, California community, where he has resided since 1967.

Ron Brooks has specialized in Orthopedics, Chronic pain, Podiatrics and Sports-medicine for many years.  During these years he became frustrated with the inability to control and cure the symptoms of pain, which always hindered the rehabilitation process.  During the late 1990′s he began to see a correlation between a very specific pain pattern and the superficial structures of the body.  His research and development has spawned an innovative treatment methodology called Neurovascular Restructuring.  He also has invented a device call the Neurovasc, which restructures the superficial components of the body and eradicates pain.  Ron Brook’s research, unique technology development and new pain treatment protocol has resulted in an innovative treatment procedure that will influence the way we treat pain for many years to come.

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