What Is Neurovascular Restructuring?

How do we effectively treat pain and reduce stress, without having to endure the devastating side effects of medications and surgery?

The answer lies in a new technology known as Neurovascular Restructuring, which actually targets the source of your pain.This unique procedure has been developed to recognize the advantages of the body’s own “natural” internal healing and regenerating power.

Research has demonstrated that the majority of our day-to-day pain is caused by pressure on nerves from scar tissue build up. The scar tissue comes from trauma to the surface of our bodies due to injuries we experience from sports, car accidents and repetitive motion, just to mention a few. The surface of our bodies is made up of the skin, lymph vessels, blood vessels, nerves, fascia and muscle. When we experience trauma to these structures we experience pain, the brain receives a signal from the skin and marshals all its repairing resources, which have a tendency to over-react forming scar tissue. This damaged tissue looses elasticity, blood vessels become restricted in flow and fluid pressure rises. In turn this creates a “Hydraulic Effect” in the tissue causing nerves to have severe pressure put on them, thus producing a chronic pain cycle.

Here’s how the treatment works:

1. Neurovascular Restructuring first targets areas of scar tissue with a powerful vacuum force manipulating the tissue to first reduce the hydraulic pressure, which then decreases the strength of the scar tissue. 2. Next, the vacuum force is directed towards the entrapped Brooks_9893nerves and the scar tissue starts to come apart. The “natural” technique enables us to restructure the tissue in a very precise manner and to avoid any distress to the patient. The most significant characteristics of the vacuum technology is that the upward force is far more comfortable then than a downward force one would experience from other procedures. 3. The scar tissue is then restructured, pressure on the nerves is released and pain is gone. At the same time the body reacts to the treatment to repair the scar tissue, and the brain releases natural pain-killing chemicals which help to reset the brain’s own “anti-pain system.”



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