Treatment Procedure

Brooks_9902Neurovascular Restructuring  is used in conjunction with the most current modalities and procedures utilized within the physical therapy profession.  Treatments are personally designed to help you return to an active and productive lifestyle. Treatments include; reoccurring injuries, sports injuries, accidents, pre and post surgery, and work related injuries such as repetitive motion.

Brooks_98621.  Neurovascular Restructuring first targets areas of scar tissue with a powerful vacuum force manipulating the tissue to first reduce the hydraulic pressure, which then decreases the strength of the scar tissue.
2.  Next, the vacuum force is directed towards the entrapped nerves and the scar tissue starts to come apart.  The “natural” technique enables us to restructure the tissue in a very precise manner and to avoid any distress to the patient.  The most significant characteristics of the vacuum technology is that the upward force is far more comfortable then than a downward force one would experience from other procedures.  3.  The scar tissue is then restructured, pressure on the nerves is released and pain is gone.  At the same time the body reacts to the treatment to repair the scar tissue, and the brain releases natural pain-killing chemicals which help to reset the brain’s own “anti-pain system.”

body-parts-no-linesPatients report benefits from within the first two treatments of using our Neurovascular Restructuring program including:

Decreased pain
Improved mobility including neck, wrist, shoulder,
arms back, knee & legs
Improved mental focus
Calmer more relaxed attitude
Improved energy levels
Better sleep patterns

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