Pain and Stress

Stress comes in many forms, such as work overload, financial responsibilities, raising children, and relationships, just to mention a few; but none more potent than pain.  Most of us experience some sort of pain in our everyday life, be it physical or emtional.  The common remedy is either drug therapy which only serves to mask the pain and does not cure it; or surgery, which is not always successful and can create additional trauma from tissue scarring.
Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation, occurring in varying degrees of severity. The magnitude of pain is dependent on the varying levels and combination of stresses generated as a consequence of injury, disease or emotional disorder.  How many times have you heard a person say, “my doctor told me the pain is all in my head” or “my doctor says that my pain isn’t that bad and I don’t need the medication anymore”, the truth is, the pain is all in your head.
Many people have everyday pain and adapt and cope with it almost unconsciously.  Rarely do we take medication for this type of pain.  It is a discomfort we just deal with, we get on with our lives with a “grin and bear” it attitude.  But this type of pain also creates stress, affects our patience, sleep patterns, and ability to concentrate and function normally.  Compund this with the daily stress of living and this type of pain begins to take control of our lives without us even knowing it!  In many cases our body automatically makes adjustments; such as walking a different way to avoid back pain; or turnig our shoulders instead of our head to avoid neck pain.  Unfortunately these and other adaptations don’t solve the fundamental problem, they just serve to create secondary areas of unconscious pain.
Stress in the 21st century is at an all time high!  Our lifestyles have become far too productive and we are trying to occupy as much of our awake time as possible with some sort of stimulation.  Today we believe the average person spends 12-14 hours at work, 4 hours at home to relax and 6 hours to sleep.  We are over-stimulated by our computers and its overwhelming by exposure to an ever growing network of information.  Our children are encouraged to perform sports activities and training schedules as though they were professional athletes with the resulting injuries.  We need to take control of our lives!
Stress and pain compounded with substance abuse will eventually kill you.  We all need to recognize that many abnormal brain functions and behaviors are a reflection and manifestation of a chemical imbalance in the rain.  Many of us have started to loose our ability to think clearly due to stress and pain. . . we have lost our edge.  We need to seek out ways to lower our pain and stress levels.  Balancing our brain chemistry is one of the methods that will enable us to regain a clear mind and our edge.
In today’s environment of super active lifestyles we can not ignore the fact that we have to do more in the same 24 hour time period than ever before.  If we don’t find ways to adapt, the result is often pain and stress which leads to some type of drug dependency: be it caffeine, medication or prescription drugs.  We need to find proactive ways to ensure our mind and body’s are funcitoning at their maximum potential in order to handle our day to day activities and regain ur edge.  With the growing drug dependency problem in our society, this new innovative technology and pain treatment methodology will help to reduce the level of surgery and drug dependence offering a natural alternative that really works.

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